What other keyboards do you want besides the T60 ?

Started by Mine, January 27, 2015, 05:41:17 PM

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T60 Keyboards

Chicony FRU 39T7178
ALPS FRU 39T7118
NMB FRU 39T0958

Have any other part numbers or models that you'd like to see made available?


I'd like to see a Thinkpad A31p keyboard.  Dedicated trackpoint with no trackpad.


My favourite keyboard would be something with IBM Model M Buckling Spring.
Cherry green or blue or brown (clickless) would also do. ;-)
But I guess that won't be easy.

Actually I can't stand most Laptop keyboards today. First it is this chiclet build, the keys don't feel right, there is no tactile feedback, they are not concave - so the finger can't rest in them, travel distance is a matter of taste maybe. But then even more horrible: the layout. I grew up with my standard European (German) 102 layout. But then, all of a sudden, came Windows keys. In on of the worst places possible: between Ctrl and Alt which I use very often. Then keyboard vendors thought it was a good idea to place a PowerDown key right under the del...PgDn block. So you would accidentally hit the key 25 times per day. And so on.
I see that the place on laptops is limited but I don't see a reason for tiny cursor keys, not separeted. I don't see reason for 10 windows and multimedia keys (even replacing F1...F12, so you can't Alt-F4 without messing around with keyboard drivers or special hotkey switching), but the lack of a second Shift or Ctrl key.
And every laptop is different.

I never had the joy to have an IBM(!)-labeled Thinkpad (keyboard) of my own, just guest wise. They were quite good. But I noticed that Lenovo did a switch to lower quality.

So whatever keyboard it is, keep to classic and sane layouts. And when it has some tactile feedback for typing that would be awesome.
I think a keyboard is one of the main I/O parts and thus most important, regardless what you do: writing or gaming and thus it should be of good quality.
But I don't need to tell you that.


Quote from: Ryushin on February 01, 2015, 02:59:07 PM
I'd like to see a Thinkpad A31p keyboard.  Dedicated trackpoint with no trackpad.

I have a a31p and i dont see any particular reason why is it so good (perhaps because I didnt try other keyboards :D )
Also the only thing i dont like on the a31p are arrow keys which are trash (and the arrow part thingie)... Also i would like to remove all media keys it has, and just leave the straight ANSI layout (i have ISO, but i preffer ansi, if it even exists in ansi).. And the shroom, leave the shroom :)

Personally i dont care what keyboard it will have because this laptop isnt intented for a comfortable long typing sessions..

EDIT: keep the trackbad, because you want people to buy it :)) And disabling trackbad is simple :)


T60 keyboard

X30 backlit keyboard

The X30 keys are all slightly more narrow and the TAB, Shift, Enter, Backspace etc are ~1/2 the width of the T60 equivalents.

Both have trackpoints.


I must admit that X30 keyboard looks pleasing. (I personally don't need Windows keys.) Backlit does have some advantages when you're working in darker areas. Should be switchable, though.
The T60 one still looks nice enough.
Both have real F-keys, separate set of cursor keys and a solid Ins/Del...PgUp/Dn block. Very nice.

Can SysRq (REISUB) be reached without the blue Fn-key?
Are they available in international layouts?