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Peripherals and Ports / Interfaces
February 17, 2015, 11:31:36 AM
I guess it might fit here in "peripherals and ports"

So interfaces to the outside world. Personally I am on the standpoint that one can never have enough interfaces.
I know a lot of people might have a different opinion.

For my part I'd be happy with:
* parallel (LPT) interface (microcontroller programming, still works kind of driverless and cheap via a self soldered LPT adapter)
* serial interface (a lot of machines are still driven via RS-232)
* PS/2 kbd/mouse
(yeah, all the classics)

* VGA (beamers, lots of old beamers around)
* some newer digital interface. HDMI is wide spread but sucks. Okay, anything with digital restriction management sucks, but HDMI is soo limited. Resolution, no adapters allowed and so on. I was quite fond of DVI and DP is at least VESA specified so it can't be that bad?

* I don't know about eSATA. Never used it. And afaik there is a version that provides also power over eSATA (which would make sense) and one that doesn't.

* Maybe something for external sound sources / output. I guess it won't be a multimedia audio recording studio notebook. And people into professional sound biz better look for a box with real sound cards with awesome SNR, I/O ports and such, that most onboard chips won't provide.

* A sane amount of USB. Especially if there is no classic port you have to do everything by USB and then you need a whole lot of them. Or carry USB hubs around and see for enough power supply. And so the problems start.

* Card reader: I love compact flash. But then, it is "large" (whatsoever people call large these days) so nearly anybody ever included it in a laptop.

* Ethernet. Of course. 10/100/(1000)

Did I forget anything?