ECU Wish List

Started by Mine, March 29, 2015, 01:09:26 PM

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Please post your wish list for the ECU IO and features here.

# analog inputs
# channel low side drivers (injectors & solenoids)
# channel hi side drivers (ignition modules)
# HALL inputs
# CAN bus

There may be 3 choices of the controller module that plugs into 3 versions of IO the boards.

IO Boards:

  • 1-2cyl for motorcycles and small engines
  • 1-8cyl for autos and trucks
  • 1-16 cyl for racing, marine and exotic applications

Controller modules:

  • STM32F4/7

  • MC9S12XDP512

  • Infineon Tricore

  • SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs - ARM Cortex-M3 + integrated FPGA


Injector drive outputs - peak and hold
Internal 8A coil drivers - Is 8A enough per driver?
Wastegate controls with PWM
Cooling fan output
Fuel pump output
Compressor Relay
Reverse Lockout Relay
4 stage nitrous outputs
One PWM IAC driver output (Ford style IAC)
One Stepper Motor Driver (GM style stepper motor)
8 Digital Outputs

8 Digital Inputs

20 Analog Inputs
Standard Speed Density Input Sensors
    MAT - Either thermistor or LM34 configurable.
    COOL - thermistor style
    MAP - Any 0-5volt input
    TPS - Any 0-5volt input

One NBO2/WBO2 Lambda sensor input (offset and gain configurable)
Two Channel Differential NBO2 sensor inputs
Two Channel Knock Sensor DSP
Vehicle Speed Sensor input (magnetic or pulse)
Oil Sender Input (ADC and Interrupt service)
PCB mounted Barometric pressure sensor
Two internal LM34 temperature sensors
Outputs for methanol or water injection