Poll - How important is having an internal DVD drive?

Started by Mine, February 05, 2015, 05:40:53 PM

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How important is it to you to have an internal DVD drive?


I think it depends on the aim of laptop. Should it be small, high mobility ulta-long-runtime? Then leave it.
Should it me more allround? Include it.

I personally am a fan of "real" computers where you can exchange and update everything. Of course due to their compact design this is less of an option for laptops. But once left away in design (the space, the interfaces) it would be hard to add one later, save external ones (USB). Umm, most AMD SOCs seem to be based now on A68 chipset which offers 2 SATA 600 ports. Which would be one SSD/HDD and e.g. an optical option. Or eSATA maybe? (Never used any eSATA yet, though.)

Well, the other problem is that people have different views here. I still do use DVDs. Proprietary software, my own backups, music, movies, a lot of that is on CD, DVD, BluRay media.
Then, how much sense would be in BluRay? The DRM of BluRay is horrible and gives you a really hard time if you want to view BluRay in Linux. Even on W32 it is a pest. But DVDs are common, also DRM free stuff and libdvdcss takes care of the rest quite reliably.
For me it would be nice. But other people might say they don't use DVDs anymore cause they download everything or use flash media (USB sticks) or external USB-2-SATA-HDDs.

So for me:
Nice to have one.
If it hurts too many people, or would increase the price in an enigmatic way, leave it.
If it hurts battery runtime significantly (when idle), leave it.