Started by Mine, February 14, 2015, 11:58:03 PM

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Two simple speakers integrated into the keyboard module.


I don't know what people will use the device for. I mean, I never saw that much sense in playing movies on small screens and the tiny speakers of a standard laptop. Still, it shouldn't be totally squeaky.
I think the "Always Innovating touch book" had some small but fairly okay speakers built in.


No speakers please.
For a small daily carrying laptop (work, university, caffe) i dont really need speakers.
Dont forget you cant expect much from small speakers...
And nowdays everyone has some inear headphones around :)
Also would be awkward if your laptop started playing music in the library : :-X

If u plan to include a  motherboard beeper.
Im against a motherboard speaker aka BEEPER, and would either replace it with a led, or have a dip switch (case switch) to enable/disable the beeps.


Perhaps an external wrist rest that has speakers built-in?