Most asked for features so far

Started by Mine, January 31, 2015, 11:44:44 PM

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Open Firmware - No Blobs

Long battery life and bigger batteries

Non-proprietary batteries

More USB ports than just 2-3

PCIe connectors for cables and expansion boards and external GPU's

Replaceable anything and everything

Desktop CPU performance

>8GB of RAM, 32GB

Areas for custom sensors, small boards, devices etc DIY



15" 3:2 or 16:10 IPS+ display along with 600 nits of brightness. 
Thinkpad T60/W500 keyboard
Thinklight or Thinklight and Illuminated Keyboard
Intel or AMD 4 core processor
2 Internal 2.5" drives with HDAPS support.
M.2 for SSD
SATA Express
Four USB 3.1 ports with power available when connected to AC when laptop is turned off.
802.11AC WiFi with 3 MIMO Antennas
Stereo speakers
1/8" phono plug on the side
Display Port
Removable 9 Cell Battery


- FP4 BGA socket support (Carrizo / Carrizo-L... but mostly Carrizo)
- If  Carrizo has DDR4 support... DDR4 support!
- Bluetooth
- Wifi
- Webcam
- A space for a keyboard to fit into the chassis
- A mousepad
- space and connectivity to one Sata 2.5" device
- USB 3.0 ports (at least 4)
- ethernet port
- mic in
- audio out
- HDMI or DisplayPort out
- Ability to use (as close as possible to) every last cubic centimeter of space remaining empty in the chassis for batteries... and then the ability to connect an external battery pack in addition to that :'}
- Comes with FreeSync-compatible screen... personal preference 1080p with a 15.6" diagonal (should mean dimensions are 13.6" x 7.6"). Although that may change depending on how size/resolution affects cost.

That's my feature list :D


Changable LiFePO4 batteries like the ones RC people use (
nice small screen (if possible IPS)
NO INTERNAL WIFI (requires you to use like small edimax adapter which sticks like 3milimeter out of usb port)
2x eathernet jacks
alot of usb jacks
swapable internals (ssd, ram)
thinklight would be nice
audio card ( mic in, line in, headphone out, line out)
if possible a better audio card (with decent dac, and headphone amp) => can help design those
open software and all that good stuff
black colour


All I/O connectors optically isolated and with software enables both on data lines and
on power lines. use cases:

  • charging USB devices without letting them enumerate
  • communicating with mobile phones without letting them charge (if laptop is low on battery or w/e)
  • providing 5V USB power to a protoboard without the chance to produce wierdness on data lines
  • administrator-enable for devices with DMA access (external/internal PCI-e)
  • controlled add/remove of PCI-e devices (hotplug?)